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About me


I began drawing from a very young age. I was encouraged by my mother and always had crayons, pencils and paints at my disposal. My sister and I were encouraged to use our imaginations. I have always been a dreamer and since I can remember I have drawn girls with funny little characters. Two characters recur frequently in my drawings birds and rabbits. Birds because I have always loved them, they are beautiful and fly with freedom. The Rabbit because I have had a stuffed toy rabbit since I was born, it use to be as big as me. It was literally larger than life and my friend.

I have always carried a little diary where I jot down ideas and drawing as they come to me. Even whilst studying Visual Arts and Digital Media I was always sketching these little characters, girls and boys in my diaries. Having explored many mediums including glass blowing, jewellery, installation art, animation and photography I have found myself drawn back to illustrating.

Only recently I decided to bring them out into the world. I'm currently studying graphic design and illustration and would like to continue drawing and designing well into the future.

If you would like to see more of my work you can visit me at::